Monday, December 28, 2009

House Arrest and other News

Bill and I are under house arrest as are all other Gaza Freedom Marchers that made it as far as El Arish. El Arish is the last town before the Raffa border crossing. We left Cairo a day early other wise we would be stuck there like all of the rest of the Gaza Freedom Marchers. There are about 40 of us here, in El Arish. 5 Americans from Viva Palestina, 20 from Spain, 2 Japanese, 1 French, 4 Brits, 4 or 5 from Luxenburg, 4 Jews from New York City, and us.
We are the lucky ones, a whole bunch of people who left Cairo after us have been detained at check points along the route to El Arish. They have gotten out their transportation and refused to go back to Cairo. The result of this is forced hunger strikes all along the route.
The authorities in Cairo have made it illegal to transport any foreigners out of Cario. There have been some arrests,and peaceful protests have been broken-up.
Is the US press covering any of this?
Bill and I are here to deliver hope and friendship in the form of a community made art glass mural. It will likely not get delivered. Thankfully the police officer who is in charge of watching our house is very friendly and kind.
We will wait it out and see what happens, on a plane back to the US on January 3rd, no matter what else is happening here.
Peace,Love and Light,


  1. This is such sad news, and speaks to what a mess the international community is in with respect to the Middle East. So sorry you are caught up in it and that your gift of love and hope is unable to reach its destination. I'll make an effort to get some press coverage generated somehow. Love to both.

  2. front news page on google today: "Gaza Marchers on Hunger Strike in Egypt" "Gaza protesters stranded in Egypt"

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  4. 3 recent articles


  5. Gary found these on Aljazzera and BBC today, Monday

  6. For those following Kathleen....

    the NYTimes posted this on the MiddleEast page of the website. Has to do with biulding barrier wall or not


  7. You're in the Sentinel this morning Kathleen. Stay strong. What you're doing is inspirational and I am so proud to be your colleague.

    Much love, Jessica O.

  8. Keep the faith Kathleen... is there a way to convince the friendly policeman to somehow deliver the mural... or someone else like the American living in the area you mentioned in your blog? ...all in the name of religion and "us being better than them"!

    Keep up the good work and let me know when you do a slide show of your photos back here in Santa Cruz. Also, if you need me to sit in on your classes before you get back, let me know. -Mark

  9. hi mrs.crocetti ! the radio did a whole program about gaza and they mentoined you guys . ~ella c.

  10. Kathleen,

    As an artist and a peace activist you are my hero. This is the most powerful way an artists can use their gift and their vision; through visual statements that transcend language, culture and even history. Thank you for all of the seeds of creativity that you sowed in your students in Santa Cruz (my 2 children included!) and for stretching even further now with your message and images of hope and peace.

    "Be the change you wish to see in the world"

    -M. Gandhi

  11. I am so excited to hear from Cheri tonight that you are on the list of 100 to enter Gaza on the 30th. It is meant to be. I am so proud of our Kathleen! You are a beacon of light for the arts and for peace, for love and compassion.
    Still praying and sending angels upon high!

  12. Fleenie,
    Reading all these posts makes me feel very safe and comfortable at home.
    You're sure making Mom nervous......
    I'm so glad you have Bill to do this adventure with.
    Miss you and love you

  13. Though not your student, I made pencil cases for the childern in Gaza in the MH orchestra. My whole family, after learning of your situation, is keeping up to date on all of the stuff your doing. I have spread your news to my friends at MH to get their families involved too. We are sending you nothing but positive thoughts for your sucess in your mission and your safe return. You are in our thoughts and prayers! - Hailey Woolard

  14. Kathleen,
    NY Times has an article today stating 85 of the 1000 protesters who were detained in Cairo were allowed to go to the border. Were you and Bill among those? Keep your spirits up, people are listening. . . .