Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hum Duli La (Praise Be to God)

I have had absolutely no sleep in days. At times in the past I have described events in my life as akin to a roller coaster ride, however there has been nothing to compare to this madness. The roller coaster ride we have been on this past week could never exist in the US; there are absolutely no safety inspectors around and the thing was likely designed by a complete lunatic, erected with an odd assortment of legos, tinker toys, Lincoln logs and the odd bits left over from someone’s erector set. I imagine the lunatic designer to be an amazing artist, but nothing near an engineer.

By the grace of God and the hands of all my lovely friends I will go into Gaza today, but I will leave Bill and some amazingly big hearted new friends we have made behind in El Ashir. For every delegate that gets in 13 will have been left behind. If it were not for the love and hope promised by the community mural and sweet sweet pencil cases we made together I would be one of those left behind.

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  1. In the midst of all of this, I see grace, love, peace and safe passage. God be with you all! God, being the higher energy, the highest energy there is, be it Buddha, Christ, God, the Virgin Mary,St. Anne, St. Katherine, St. William, St Peter, St. Paul St. Anthony, St. Thomas Aquinous, St. Alyousious...May all the angels, saints, MOther Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr., John F. Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln, may all the great spirits of the great leaders be surrounding you and keeping you safe in your journey to this place through the eye of the storm. Blessings