Sunday, December 13, 2009

Why Gaza: The Inspirational Spark

Why Gaza? This past summer I went to the CODEPINK Peace Conference in Cambria. Medea Benjamin told the story of one of her visits to Gaza, it went something like this: A destitute Palestinian woman living in a tent invited Medea in for tea and told her that she had a souvenir from the USA. When Medea asked to see it she was shown a piece of the shrapnel that destroyed this woman's house and killed her husband and children. Stamped right on the twisted chard of metal was "Made in the USA".
It could have said "Sent by Kathleen" and I would not have felt any worse.
Later when Medea asked me if I would go to Gaza and make a memorial for them I did not have to think twice about it. Yes, I'm going.


  1. Dear Medea and Kathleen,Bravo!

    You HEARD this women's suffering. From all my years in medicine, I've understood that healing occurs when an individual feels heard or understood at a deep and intimate level.

    It is a rare few who are able to touch the frequency of dispair, unconditionally, and say "yes, there is that,and then so very carefully and deftly shift the injured gaze of separtation to focus on Goodness and Wholeness.

    May your works of art capture her gaze and that of her family, her friends, her viallage. May it perform the greatest alcehmy transfomring despair into hope, discord into harmony, and hatred into love.

    Blessings and success!

  2. Wow, what Dana said is so powerful and moving! The last paragraph is like a prayer, a toast, the Best wish of wishes. I know Kathleen, you are making magic...and small a part as we are, we are grateful for your including all of us.
    Love and light :)